all about poutine!

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Yes.  Today’s post is all about poutine!  I’m writing this because I’m about to return to Canada for my annual splash back home and I’m bringing my wonderful D…who is not from Canada, but who has heard me talk about this amazing dish of calories to no end.

me and my poutine on my last jaunt to Toronto

First of all – what is poutine?  Well, poutine is simple – it is merely french fries (frites!) with cheese curds on top (fromage en grains!) that have been slathered in gravy (sauce brune!).  Also – it’s origins are French-Canadian, though I can only say that with certainty as the etymology and how those 3 ingredients got combined are a subject of dispute among poutine enthusiasts.  Some even say that the word “poutine” is a French-i-fied version of the English word, pudding.

fry trucks - the only poutine source in Toronto? Nope!

But anyways, I’m super duper excited to be able to introduce poutine to D.  In fact I’ve already done my research on boutique poutineries in my hometown of Tdot (that’s Toronto for all of you non-Torontonians).  Yes, there will always be the fry trucks outside Nathan Phillips Square and Sid Smith (on UofT campus)…but sometimes you want that extra ummmph.  You know, the Montreal smoked meat, or bacon and chives…or foie gras!  Yup, at Au Pied du Cochon in Montreal (from culinary/offal badboy, Martin Picard), you can get your poutine topped with fatty duck liver!  Yumm! (i’m serious).

But otherwise, I’ll settle with more status quo variations like pulled pork or curried chicken that you can get at Poutini’s House of Poutine and Smoke’s Poutinerie in downtown Toronto.  I’m also happy to report that both serve vegan poutine variations too!


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