the good ol’ e-reader debate


I’m in a real pickle here!!! E-reader? More practical for travel and those oh so annoying baggage weight restrictions…and simply giving me the opportunity to read more because the darn thing is just so light and tiny that it can go everywhere It even allows me to access a treasure trove of free books and otherwise, especially when I’m in the German countryside with nary an English-language bookstore in sight…

This was taken at an amazing bookstore we found in Heidelberg, Germany

Or continue opening my books instead of turning them on?  Firstly – do I really need one?  Obviously they were created because someone felt there was a need for them – a gap in the market as some would say.  Or do I want one because I’ve been told that I want one?  Secondly…books are so magical and mysterious.  A surprise at every page turn instead of a downward scroll.  They feel so enlightening…being able to feel their weight in your hands and especially with second-hand-books, wondering how this story took another person and where they went with it?  I’m currently reading Shantaram.  I love this book.  I love this book so so so so so much.  It’s beautifully written, it had me at hello and I’m completely smitten by every single word about it.  But…It’s big.  The paperback edition is 4.5cm thick and weighs 1.75kg.  It’s heavy in its tome and it’s actual being. And I love it so much, I insist on carrying it around with me all the time.  It’s got about 1000 pages, and I’m currently somewhere around 353. I just know that I want to keep it…but I’ll be moving soon.

And the same issue will come up with many other books I fall head over heels with and with every other country I transition through in the coming weeks and months and the general wanderlust I tend to engage in.  So I guess for the sake of practicality, I will probably be going for the Kindle after my productivity-destructive market research this past week.  But please…tell me…this isn’t the destruction of the book, right?….I/we will still be reading REAL books in the next years? The feeling of pages ruffling through my fingers will continue, right?  And I will still be getting coffee and other food-related stains on the pages…….right?  Even the NYtimes ponders how to read a book in this age of modernity!

PS – if you are in the market for an e-reader – here are some great reviews that helped me select the Kindle for my needs! And here’s a great review about wandering with a Kindle!


4 thoughts on “the good ol’ e-reader debate

  1. Did you ask me if Mom wanted one because you wanted a back-up in case you decided your Kindle purchase was a mistake?

  2. no….i was gonna get one for myself when i came back and figured why not get another one for mom?

  3. for both of you… why not a tablet that functions both as an e-reader as well as a sub-computer?

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