love is in the air!

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(Click on the photos to be linked to their trailers!)

Also warning – this post is incredibly sappy!

(Beginners is currently in a theater near you!)

3 films will be released this year about love, fluidity, it’s permanence, it’s impermanence and they look so incredibly striking – the way they are shot, the way they move, they way they sound – that they could easily become cliches in the next generation.

(Restless - out Sept 16 (US/Can) and Oct 21 (UK))

I haven’t seen any of them yet (there’s no excuse for not seeing Beginners yet – it’s been out here since July!), but immediately from their trailers, I most definitely connected with them.  Each of them are unique, but share common themes – life, death, personal growth, distances, accents – and have that way of melting you, no matter how hard you’re feeling that day.  And yes, they also all concern upper middle class, white, West Coasters….but hey – they’re just movies and if they’re good…then they’re good.

(Like Crazy - out Oct 22 (US/Can) and Feb 3 2012 - UK)

This may come off as a bit of a schmaltzy post, but I do happen to believe in love.  And just watching the trailers for these films reminds me of every single emotion that comes with really giving yourself to another person.

And…I’m happy to report that all of these films come with stellar reviews!  The critics loved Beginners when it was released earlier this summer, Restless was selected for Un Certain Regard section of Cannes this year, and Like Crazy became a hot commodity at this past Sundance Film Festival when it won the Grand Jury Price and its young star, Felicity Jones took Best Actress.  Also…Restless stars Mia Wasikowska, whom I think is going to hit it super big….and Henry Hopper, son of the late Dennis – I think this kid definitely has inherited his father’s slightly oddball acting chops, and I mean that in a good way.


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