dress….to accomodate changing weather patterns

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I would very much rather be wearing this today….

Today I am wearing my tan Anthropologie cardigan, a pair of black jeans and an army green wide necked jersey long sleeve t-shirt because it looked cloudy and felt like a chilly 13C outside at 730am this morning and the BBC told me that it wouldn’t be that great today.  Is that summer-wear?! And in an act of defiance, i forwent the cowboy boots and decided on flip flops.  HA!

But then….it got sunny.  And a bit warm.  All of a sudden I was absolutely loathing that massive cardy that I usually keep for the late fall/winter.

I would much rather be wearing this…

or this…(since I am supposed to be working on that dissertation afterall)

and doing this with my friends….

(This was a really cool hippie beach wedding photographed by Katie Neal!)


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