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(Photo by Kickinthepeanuts)

Since she’s got the right beats for my fingers to get that word count up to 10 000, I’m riding a Feist addiction right now.  Moreover…I stumbled upon some nifty remixes of one of my fave songs from her.  Check it out…
This first remix comes from Austin favourites, Spoon!

And this one comes from another daring beatmaker, Diplo

Speaking of remixes…The Very Best are an awesome collaboration between London-based production duo, Radioclit and Malawian singer, Esau Mwamwaya.  Love them.  They’ve been totally on my pick-me-up/i-need-a-good-beat playlist since forever…or rather 2008.   I found myself jiving to them in my library cubicle.  I must have looked kinda funny.

Anyways, they just released a new album, SuperMom, which is available for free (legitimately!) here and….now this is the cool part for you Londoners – they’ll be putting on a show in Shoreditch this Friday!!!!  In the meantime, here is a new remix from them…and one of my fave songs from them featuring Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend!
The Very Best & Moroka – Ndekha (Wookie Remix)

Warm Heart Of Africa feat Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend)

Happy Dancing!


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