forever summer…

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love this print!

(Photo by Garance Dore)

Good morning world! I hope you’re feeling tropical today, because sunny intervals are forecasted for London!

So, while I would love to live the rest of my life in Hawaii, I can already count the ways that would make it difficult for me to get there (green cards – ugh!)…but thankfully there are so many other lovely tropical locations with more relaxed visa restrictions!  And I love the fact that my future work and it’s related travels will take me to some amazing far-flung places around this very amazing world we live in (it’s still amazing – don’t let those global catastrophes bog you down!).

And I love that Garance Dore posted this very lovely tropical one-piece on her site.  When I saw the print, I couldn’t help but be reminded about all the amazing textiles and patterns in the Cambodian markets that I used to shop at and I probably would have made a really cute shirtdress out of this material (while I love rompers…they come with considerable logistical problems).  I had an amazing fabric seller – Rithy – at the Psar Russei (Russian Market) in Phnom Penh and he always had the snazziest patterns ever for dresses, upholstery and bedding!  And even better – he knew how best they would look on you!  Ugh if only it wasn’t a £700, 18 hour flight to get there!!!  I just miss tropical fabrics – they have this amazing way of brightenning up the cloudy bits of a day of sunny intervals.

One more funny thing about fabrics is how people see different uses for different patterns.  Once I had cushion covers made from this lovely aquamarine paisley pattern…and then a week later I saw a lady on the street wearing the same pattern as a skirt.  To each her own, right?


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