whatcha cravin’, foodies?!?!

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1732 words!!! I’ve got 1732 words in my 10 000 word dissertation now!

And then I stumbled upon Gojee from a very cool post from sweetfineday and my productivity took a nosedive.  Anyways, you’ve got to sign up for Gojee first, but when you do, you can access a treasure trove of recipes that have been hand picked and tested from some of the best food writers and bloggers around! This is verifiable by their very hip and well lit photos on gojee’s contributor’s page.  And even better – they can show you receipes according to what you crave and what you have (which is a problem that my flatmate and i were discussing just a couple of days ago).

As for me – I know what I want tonight.  It’s a cloudy, cool, rain-on-the-horizon kinda London day…so this means curried lentil soup!  But first…another 1000 words today.

(Photo by cookingwithwaldo)


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