calm…cool….and herb-y in london


So a bunch of my posts are going to be retrospective…things we did in London or even SouthEastAsia that I wanted to make known to all.  And this is one of those things…

A few weeks back we attended a very cool pop-up dinner run by the Rambling Restaurantchickas.  It was a fab dinner (to be taken with the recommended GSOH), but I want to tell you about where it took place! 

a rambulance dinner! yum yum! everything was from the garden!

The Urban Physic Garden, just a 2 minute walk from the Southwark Tube stop is a veritable London hippie garden.  It’s a very cool space in the middle of the city, set amid reclaimed warehouses and a train track above it, where medicinal herbs and other green things are grown by a team of volunteers!  In addition to the Rambulance (from the Rambling Restaurant girls) that it hosted this summer (which has sadly ended its term there), they also hold workshops and talks all season long

So check it out! They even have these really rad see-saws to try out too! I still have no clue how those things work!

PS – for a review of the Rambulance Dinner from the Rambling girls, and a review of my favourite Brixton Guyanese Roti truck, check out this post from the Lemurs are Hungry.


2 thoughts on “calm…cool….and herb-y in london

  1. Thanks for the link! It looks like you got more into the spirit of things at the Rambulance dinner than I did but hey, we’re on the same page, roti-wise… Your blog looks great and I am hoping you are planning to share more about your time in Cambodia. A friend of mine lives there on and off and it sounds amazing.

    • thanks for being the first comment!!! our rambulance dinner was not bad…but definitely could have been better and you nailed down a lot of their weaknesses better than i could! i really like your blog and thanks for visiting mine!!! i’m definitely planning to share more about cambodia. we lived there for 3 years and there’s so much that i’d love to bring tell people about!

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