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Feist has finally released her new single!!!  Her upcoming album Metals, comes out in the UK on Oct 3 and elsewhere (Canada/US) on Oct 4.  And you know what this means, right? A tour!!!

I lived in Cambodia for 3 years and watched the infiltration of various American brands into the country and the region.  Apparently Pizza Hut’s opening now! (is that true, Phnom Penhers?) While Buick is something new to me…it was really interesting to see the emerging markets of Asia hop onto the American bandwagon (or perhaps it’s the vice versa) and just to examine what those brands mean to those living in other countries. Playboy bunnies were HUGE among Phnom Penh youth. But I never understood just what that bunny meant to them.  Check out this Foreign Policy article about the 5 businesses that are making a killing in Asia.

if i don't find this offensive, neither should you

So we are now apparently the Like Generation.  No, I’m not talking about the way that our friend Cher Horowitz first turned the verb into an adverb in that movie, a cornerstone of my youth, Clueless.  What I am talking about is that little button at the bottom of this post.  The one that society has asked me to want you to click on so that I may feel an elevation of self and being whether it’s your status post on Facebook, or if you’re a Pulitzer Prize winning economist cum opinion piece writer for the NYtimes….Wall Street Journal writer, Neil Strauss, addresses this topic in his recent piece, The Insidious Evils of ‘Like’ Culture.  Ironically, about 13 000 people now like article.


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