shifting styles…

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The Sartoralist very recently posted 2 street style photos of a young man named Gustav.  The first one taken recently, and the next one taken 4 years before, where he’s completely evolved from much younger, hipster-young-twee to strapping-lad-preppy-banker and I love the upswing of his hair!!(Photographs by the Sartorialist)

I love how striking the differences are and I couldn’t help but think about how my own styles have changed through the years, where it’s been context dependent (my slobbiness in university in Toronto), weather dependent (oh how I miss my dresses in Cambodia!) and very much affected by the people around me (oh how i love sartorial Londontown and my very stylish friends!).

My style has absolutely evolved over the years…but one thing will always ring true – my favourite pair of Roots sweatpants 🙂


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