one more summa mixtape!

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Blogging is addictive.  I’ve only written 178 of 10 000 words on my dissertation thus far. So one more lazy sunday summer post before I snap back at it.  Though I also seem to have promised to bake a blueberry-lemon-yogurt-cake before the day is over too…hmmm.But anyways.  We all love Girl Talk right?  Well…he made us a summer mixtape!!!!  With Vulture Magazine (of NYMag), he compiled a 154-track Summer BBQ Mixtape!  I’ve been sitting on it all summer, actually, waiting for someone to compile it so my lazy-ass didn’t have to.  And then lo and behold…they did it on youtube!!

Enjoy! Cuz that’s what i’ll be doing now!

PS – I think girltalk is a genius.  You can read more about him in this very in-depth NYtimes article.  And even better, now this is really cool…a physicist in Cambridge MA has taken love for music to the next step and has broken down girltalk’s musical fury! Check it out!

PPS – in my dissertation denial…i also made a delicious parsley pesto.


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