of rooftops and riots…

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Frank's Cafe

it's Frank's Cafe!!!!

Last Friday evening, my friends and I fled the mohagoney clutches of the school library, and made our flight to Peckham, in south London.  There, a rooftop wonder was awaiting us, at the recommendation of my wonderful friend and classmate, Jo, who had stirred my interest when he said the words “pop-up Campari bar on the roof of a carpark” months earlier!

Frank’s Cafe is righteously cool.  It is indeed a rooftop pop-up Campari bar in Peckham and it has an absolutely stunning view of London from the south side of the river Thames.  It’s got a young, hip crowd and the Bold Tendencies sculpture exhibition is going on at the same time!

Unfortunately, as you might have heard, London’s bit hit by a slew of riots across the city (and across England) this past week (more on that later).  Peckham is known as a poorer area of south London where there has been gang activity in the past, but it was, and is, currently on the upturn.  But sadly, it was also the site of some of the riots that occurred this week.  So when my friend, Tara, tried to go to Frank’s Cafe this past week, it was closed :P.

Nonetheless, I imagine that they are back open now.  So if you are in London and looking for a most unique place to have  a cocktail on a warm night…do check out Frank’s…get there early….and check out some very cool sculptures, and that view of course!

my wonderful friends...and love the outbit between them

my wonderful friends, steph and jon....and loving the outfit that's between them

How amazing is that view?

And we hit up another rooftop bar last night…more on that soon too!

xoxo, t


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