tuning in to the summer.

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Every summer deserves a soundtrack.  But sometimes you’re just too busy to build your own (like when you’ve got a deadline for a 10 000 word dissertation looming and you’ve written…0 words).  So why not have the music mavens of the interweb make them for you?

Oh, and I should mention that I really love music.  Really really really love it (if you didn’t know that about me already).  I think it’s great for coping, it’s great for a beat to walk down the busy city streets to, and finding that perfect melody that gives a rhythm to your day, week…dissertation.  So you’ll hopefully see quite a few tunes posted on this blog.

And to start it off, quite a few excellent summer mixtapes have been posted online this summer and here are some of my faves!  And there’s more or less one for a variety of genres!

Firstly…nothing beats a great urban mix for the summer and this one hits all the right spots. It’s city. It’s hot and I’ve had it on repeat this summer in London. Moreover, Anatomy Magazine is pretty darn cool, and the Hood Internet has produced some pretty fab mash-ups this year.

But I’m also a lover of the indie rock set and dailybeatz hits all the right spots for a lazy hazy summer.

And finally..for the dancehall-beatific-Diplo-lover in me…here’s one for a hot sweaty night that just begs to keep getting hotter and sweatier.



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