How do I use this thing?…

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Greetings Blogosphere!

I am officially jumping on the blogging bandwagon and about to embark on what I think will be ultimately a very cool journey.  I’ll finally get to share my ramblings with my friends and family, especially while I embark on this search for a career which could really land me anywhere in the world.  Timor L’este? Ethiopia? Brussels? Let’s see where this goes!

I should also mention that this blog is inspired by some amazing women and bloggers (check out the links!) out there who manage to juggle it all…remaining calm, writing beautifully and sharing amazing trends, experiences, photos, art, life – all while looking mighty stylish!  I should probably take a lesson or 2 from them, as I start this blog and finish my dissertation for my impending master’s degree….which is due in exactly 19 days (eek!).

But in the meantime, I’m probably going to KEEP CALM and FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE WORDPRESS.

milles bisous


PS – the soundtrack to this post is provided by Elizabeth Antonia’s amazing blog (perfect for the summer), The Littlest.


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